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  Look at the current web address in the URL bar above!                       Guarda l'attuale indirizzo web nella barra delle URL qui sopra!  

  Once upon a time the cave-men used to type URLs such as www.example.com.  Then del.icio.us arrived... but later it got back to a trivial www.delicious.com!  
However, the future can't be stopped, and has delegated us to lead you to the Web 3.0 ...  (Disclaimer: this site is not related to delicious.com in any way).

  Una volta i cavernicoli digitavano le URL nella forma www.example.com.  Poi arrivò del.icio.us... che però in seguito regredì ad un banale www.delicious.com!  
Ma il futuro non si può fermare e ci ha incaricato di guidarvi verso il Web 3.0 ...  (Precisazione: questo sito non è associato in alcun modo con delicious.com).

    The website   http://glaszagorja.onwww.net   does exist and work!   
   Il sito web   http://glaszagorja.onwww.net   esiste e funziona!   

   Welcome to the network of sites with implausible names (web addresses)!  
   Benvenuti nel circuito dei siti dal nome (indirizzo web) inverosimile!  

http://GLASZAGORJA.ONWWW.NET    (glaszagorjaonwwwnet)

  Unusual name websites (in En.gli.sh):  

  http://EN.GLI.SH http://PROGRA.MS http://PSY.CHOLO.GY http://L.ECTU.RE http://G.EOLO.GY http://ARCH.ITECTU.RE http://ARCHA.EOLO.GY
  http://THEB.EATL.ES http://I.F.EEL.GD http://AST.ROLO.GY http://DONT.T.HINK.SO http://HEA.LTHCA.RE http://SUNLIG.HT http://MOONLIG.HT
  http://I.NSU.RE http://IN.SURANC.ES http://ELE.CTROMAG.NET http://EXPEND.ITU.RE http://BIGBA.NG http://BO.UG.HT http://FU.RNITU.RE
  http://SOUG.HT http://UNITE.DSTAT.ES http://WASH.IN.GT/ON http://L.OSANGEL.ES http://SA.NFRANCIS.CO http://SI.NGAPO.RE http://MICROSOP.HT

  Nomi insoliti di siti web (in Italiano):  

http://DAI.CHE.CE.LA.F.AI   !

  http://CHITAR.RE http://VIOLONCEL.LI http://CORNAMU.SE http://TASTIE.RE http://TRIANGO.LI http://CONT.RABBAS.SI http://ETROM.BE   !
  http://GIOIEL.LI http://PREZIO.SI http://ANEL.LI http://GIOIELLIE.RE http://O.RA.FO http://OR.OLOG.IO http://CRONO.GRA.FO
  http://DOL.CI http://DIMAGRI.RE http://MAG.RE http://FRUT.TO http://DELI.ZIO.SO http://LEGNA.ME http://FALEG.NAME
  http://BIM.BI http://CRICE.TO http://ZAM.PE http://CAVAL.LI http://PRINCI.PE http://PRESTI.GIO.SO http://PAPU.ASIA
  http://SCAC.CO http://FAVOLO.SO http://TE.LO.DICO.IO http://VIA.GGIA.RE http://ARTICO.LI http://CONCOR.SO http://RICOR.SI
  http://SO.TUTTO.IO http://FOTO.GRA.FO http://EV.AI http://COSID.DET.TO http://COLLOQU.IO http://220-VO.LT http://MAI.DIRE.MA.AI

  Websit ing !  

  http://SPELLI.NG http://CHECKI.NG http://MEANIN.GS http://EDITI.NG http://MONITORI.NG http://EARNIN.GS http://STANDI.NG
  http://CRUISI.NG http://FRANCHISI.NG http://TANNI.NG http://CEILI.NG http://FITTI.NG http://SCREENI.NG http://LIFTI.NG
  http://DRESSI.NG http://SLIMMI.NG http://STRETCHI.NG http://PROCEEDIN.GS http://WYOMI.NG http://DIAMONDRI.NG http://EARRIN.GS

We claim that the first real domain name hack on the web was our website http://CIANFR.USA.GL/IE (1999!).  In Italian "Cianfrusaglie" means "Flotsam and Jetsam".

Incredible! Was the great poet Dante Alighieri a "domain name hacker" (meaning a legitimate "wizard" in exploiting words) even better than us?!




And the poet Giacomo Leopardi as well!


Precious micro-name websites:     http://F.AI  !   -   http://L.VU   -   http://P.GS  (PaGeS)   -   http://G.KG   -   http://3.NF   -   http://9.NF

  Visit one of the most amazing sites on the Internet, whose web address (URL) reports the current time, such as (for example) www.12h.58m.40s.pm

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This network can exist thanks to the following domain registries:   dot net; dot name;   and the registries of the following countries, contributing
to our Web empire on which the Sun never sets:   Anguilla - Belgium - British Indian Ocean Territory - Burundi - Colombia - Faroe Islands -
Greenland - Italy - Ivory Coast - Kyrgyzstan - Liechtenstein - Lithuania - Montenegro - Norfolk Island - Peru - Reunion - Slovenia -
Somalia - South Georgia Islands - Sweden - Tonga - United States of America - Vanuatu - and other ones.

We pulicly blame the registries of the following countries, which prevented us to use certain remarkable domain names:  Canada - Finland - Ireland - Norway.
This is blameworthy especially for Ireland and Finland, countries of European Union: Irish (Finnish) companies and people are allowed to use (for example)
domains from France or Italy, but the Irish (Finnish) registry forbids companies or people from outside Ireland (F.) to use Irish (F.) domains: what a shame.

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